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29 Additional Pieces of Strength Equipment has been added to UATC!
Thank you so much to all the friends, family and members that helped with the colossal move! Special thanks to Bryan and Travis Greene with Greene Brothers Well and Pump how saved a lot of sore backs by providing the heavy lift equipment to make this move a bit easier! Check them out for all your well needs at: Green Brothers Well and Pump - Canton
Our additional equipment is delayed :(


We were so sorry to announce that our additional equipment did not get moved in today 😞 We were geared up and ready to roll but there were circumstances beyond our control on the delivery end that prohibited it from happening today. We are diligently working to plan another time to get the shipment moved in ASAP. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding as this is no easy feat to plan and execute. We promise it will be worth the wait.



We have purchased 27 pieces of Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Cybex strength equipment that we hope to have in the club by early October! We are very excited about the added variety and capacity this equipment will bring and can't wait to get in the gym.

LS Sig.jpg
3D Body Scanner


Also we purchased a 3D body scanner from Fit3D.  This amazing scanner will give you tons of personalized information to help you reach your goals! Here's a little sneak peak:


Monday! Monday! Monday!

Yes! We are finally reopening this Monday!

- This coming Monday at 5am we will open our doors for the first time since March 25th!!! We can’t wait to reconnect with all of our members and are excited to welcome new members as well! 

-At this time we will be discontinuing all group classes...this includes Urban Training classes and upstairs Mossa group classes. We do not have the space to adhere to the guidelines and restrictions to maintain social distancing while still making it an enjoyable experience for members. Members who had those memberships will automatically have their rates reduced accordingly.


We are not restarting our billing until 9/25/20 So no one will have payments drafted until then.  Rest assured, you will not have paid for ANY time lost while we were closed.  Most will be getting around two extra weeks free.  Paid in full members and tanners will have time added to their packages for any time missed while we we closed.


If you have any questions please email us at

A couple things to expect:
✔️ temperature check at the door
✔️ mask required to enter
✔️ new waiver to sign (first time back in)
✔️ social distancing requirements 
✔️ check out when you are leaving so we can track capacity
✔️ clean your own equipment before and after
✔️ HAVE FUN!!!
*** Please be patient with us and understand we just want to do what we are required to do so we can stay open! 💥


A couple days ago Governor Cooper announced Covid-19 Phase 2.5 for NC which eased some restrictions and allowed gyms to reopen at 30% capacity beginning Friday 9/4/20 at 5pm.  We were surprised at the announcement and were in the middle of several renovation projects at the time.  We have shifted into high gear to try and get these projects completed. In addition we are updating our policies and procedures to help ensure the safety of our members and staff.  We also have a lengthy process to go through to restart our billing process.  

We can't wait to see everyone and we are working hard to get opened as soon as possible! Stayed tuned here and we will announce our open date as soon as we have a solid date set. Please be patient with us, its been a rough time and there's a lot to do!

Rest assured, if you had an active membership with us it will continue without anything needed from you with the same billing dates.  There was a two week window between our forced close date and when we ceased all payment drafts.  If you membership dues were drafted within that window you will be credited forward when we restart our payment drafts.  If you had a paid in full membership you expiration date will be extended the amount of time we were closed.  If you had a tanning package with time remaining when we closed, you will get any remaining time added back to your package. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your membership, PLEASE feel free to email us at or give us a call at 828-646-2661.  If you are concerned about Covid-19 and want to place your membership on a temporary freeze we totally understand and can do that with no problem, just let us know. We are getting a TON of messages so there may be a slight delay but we promise to get back to you!

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